Friendly Brookfield Smoke and Vapor Shop

Icabod’s Smoke Shop is a small business that began operation in March of 2010, the tobacco industry was different then, there was a large automatic rolling machine in the shop, a customer could roll a carton of cigarettes in 8 minutes. Customers waited in line to use the machine, on many evenings we provided coffee, soda, pizza and snacks so the customers had time roll their cigarettes.

Changing With the Industry

Now, the industry is evolving again. We still sell premium cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, and rolling machines, but another avenue has started, “Vaporization” and many customers are switching to “Vaping.”

Icabod’s Smoke Shop has always maintained quality products and excellent service, we search for unique exceptional products because above all we value our customers.

If there is anything from your visit that you wish to discuss. Please feel free to contact us or give us a call at 330 619-5316 at your convenience.